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Posted on 23. October 2011

This is where I post small projects and misfits. Everything from prototyping, programming, arduino, processing and other stuff I can’t seem to fit in other categories.

Shapeoko CNC

Still calibrating (spotted my first gray hairs during that) but an almost working DIY CNC :) again made with arduino, motorshields etc.


Mural at AAMS (Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering)

Assistant to artist Niels Rahbaek. The murals are abstractions of ships engines, converted into some sorts of crafts.

Arduino and Lego camera trigger

I needed a camera trigger for making stop/motion. So this tiny Lego robot made with arduino, motorshield and a servo, served my needs. It fits a Panasonic Lumix LX2 and the triggers’ time interval can be adjusted in milliseconds. (Filmed with my old phone, sorry for the bad quality).

DIY 3d scanner

Using the David Laserscanner, arduino and some Lego (again), I played around with this scanner project. Amazingly it worked (more or less)

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